Delias butterflies of Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea makes up the Easter part of the huge island of New Guinea, the western portion being now known as West Papua (formerly Irian Jaya).

Most of the Delias species and subspecies found here are endemic to the island, with the majority to be found in the Central Mountain Ranges which make up the backbone of the island.

I have decided to use the political subdivision of the island, the provinces, to divide this section into more manageable proportions. The difficulty being that the butterflies to not recognise political divisions, and so many species are to be found in several provinces.

Each of the provinces have their own page, with, where appropriate, specific localities. Some of these names, I have been unable to locate on PNG village maps, and must therefore assume they have been changed, or are no longer in existance.

Please click on the province listed below.


Work in progress : several provinces are not done yet.