Delias ormoensis  van Mastrigt 2006 black.png

Subspecies and range of Delias ormoensis :

No subspecies

ormoensis - Foja Mts, Papua


delias ormoensis


Notes on Delias ormoensis : 

A very closely related species to Delias hypomelas, but easily recognisable by the absence of any white spots on the underside hind wing border.

Original description : Futao, Issue No. 51, 17 April 2006, pp14 -  Male: Fore wing upperside mainly black. About 45% (proximal part) white with some grey diffusion, especially close to black part. Hind wing upperside white with black border about 4mm wide along vein M¹, reducing to apex and to tornus, with grey diffusion at inner edge. Fore wing underside black with three pale yellow to white subapical spots followed by a small terminal one. Along inner margin (in cells CuA² and 1A+2A) white with some black diffusion. Hind wing underside black with some variety in density. Black submarginal spot just outside discal cell poorly developed and hardly visible. No white spots along terminal border.

Female : Unknown.