Delias schmassmanni  Joicey & Talbot 1923 green.png

Subspecies and range of Delias schmassmanni :

No subspecies

. schmassmanni - Buru island, Indonesia




Notes on Delias schmassmanni :

Named after Walter Schmassmann (1890-1971), this species is identified by the broad pale band on the underside of the hindwing.
The female is extremely variable, as can be seen from coll. Les Day shown above, with the underside band ranging from non-existant, to similar to the male.

Original description : Joicey & Talbot - Entomologist lvi, p.26, (1923)- "Male: Upperside white with the fringes black at the veins. Fore wing with the apical margin narrowly black. Underside of fore-wing with the apical area benzo-brown, ground-colour black. A postdiscal band of pale yellow, of variable width, much broader posteriorly and joined to the white inner margin. A small yellow costal spot in cellule 8. Hind wing benzo-brown. A yellow postdiscal band deeper in colour than on the fore wing and variable in width, broadening posteriorly to join the brighter yellow inner margin. Six yellow and rounded marginal spots, those in 2 and 3 much larger than the others. Costal edge narrowly yellow from base to postdiscal band.

Female: Upperside white, with broad black margins. Fore wing with black apical area narrowing below vein 3, and bearing four white apical spots. Costa narrowly black, and discocellular black. Hind wing with the black outer margin narrowing posteriorly and bearing five indistinct marginal yellow spots. Underside as in the male, but fore wing with the apical spots reproduced and some yellow dusting over the cell."


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