Delias agostina  Hewitson 1852 green.png

delias agostina live picture
Delias agostina agostina male
Tonkolong WLS, India
Picture by Krushnamegh Kunte

Subspecies and range of Delias agostina :

. agostina Hewitson 1852 - Assam, Nepal, Sikkim, Myanmar,N. Thailand, Yunnan, Sichuan

annamitica Fruhstorfer 1901 - S. Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia

orita Fruhstorfer 1910 - N. Vietnam

johnsoni Corbet 1933 - Malay Peninsular




Notes on Delias agostina : 

A very well known species confined to the Asian continent.
A swift flyer, it is common in the lower valleys of its range up to 7000 feet.