Delias ladas Grose-Smith 1894 green.png

Delias ladas live shot
Delias ladas

Picture by K. Zyskowski & Y. Bereshpolova

Subspecies and range of Delias ladas

. ladas Grose-Smith 1894 - West PNG

waigeuensis Joicey & Talbot 1917 - Waigeu island

levis Joicey & Talbot 1922 - Arfak & Weyland Mts, Papua

wamenaensis Morita 1991 - Ilaga - Wamena, Papua

yapenensis Yagishita 1998 - Yapen island

fakfakensis Yagishita 2003 - Fak Fak, Papua


delias ladas 


Notes on Delias ladas :

An inconspicuous species of medium size distinguished by its almost uniformly black hind wing underside marked only by a small yellow spot on the margin.

The subspecies vary in the amount of the black apical markings, the size of the small yellow subapical spot on the underside of the fore wing and the size of the small submarginal yellow spot on the underside hindwing in 6.

I have not seen the original description of the typical form.

I am personnally doubtful on the validity of many ssp.

Unlike other Delias, Delias ladas can be easily found inside the forest in Papuan mountains while other species are found near streams.(personnal observations)

Group chrysomelaena species :