Delias chrysomelaena yellow.png
Snellen van Vollenhoven 1866 

Subspecies and range of Delias chrysomelaena

chrysomelaena Snellen van Vollenhoven 1866 - Bachan island, Indonesia

prodigialis Fruhstorfer 1911 - Halmahera island, Indonesia


delias chrysomelaena


Notes on Delias chrysomelaena : 

The largest member of the group, easily distinguishable by the yellow markings on the underside.

Male: Upperside creamy-white. Fore wing with narrow black (sometimes white-dusted) apical area, which extends as a narrow marginal border from vein 4 to vein 2. Three white subapical spots in cellules 5,6 and 8, the lower one being within the black border. Two white spots close to the margin in 3 and 4. Some grey-black dusting at the base. Hind wing with a shadowy grey-black marginal border from the anal angle to vein 5. Some grey-black basal dusting.

Underside fuscous-black. Fore wing with proximal half of cell tinged with yellow, the submedian area grey-white. A white discocellular spot. Three subapical spots as above, yellow or white, the two lower ones with distal prolongations. Four small white submarginal spots in 1b,2-4, each touching the margin by a distal prolongation. Hind wing with yellow costal margin. A large yellow median patch, broad on the inner margin and becoming narrower to vein 4, not entering the cell. Proximal area dusted with yellow. Six submarginal spots, the two anterior ones yellow, the others white, of triangular form with their apices touching the margin.

Fringe of both wings white.



Group chrysomelaena species :