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Subspecies and range of Delias totila : 

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. totila - New Ireland & New Britain (PNG)




Notes on Delias totila : 

A rare species, not found in many collections. Unusual in that the upperside is more colourful than the underside.

Male: Upperside black with yellow basal area which on the fore wing extends to vein 2 and on the hind wing to the end of the cell. Fore wing with a more or less distinct white subapical stripe in cellule 6, and sometimes a streak below it. Both wings with the black area covered with modified scales, leaving a narrow costal and outer border free.

Underside black. Fore wing with bluish-white (more white basally) proximal area reaching end of cell and to just before the tornus, its edge sharply defined. Hind wing with basal area greenish-yellow, lightly bordered with bluish-white which extends along the inner margin to the end of the submedian.

The male resembles the yellow female of Mynes katharina Ribbe (Nymphalidae).

Female: The proximal area of both wings more extended than in the male. Fore wing black with bluish-grey proximal area. Hind wing black with greenish-yellow proximal area which is sometimes bordered with bluish-grey. Underside as in the male.

The female resemble the typical female of Mynes katharina Ribbe.

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Pupae of Delias totila :

Here are some rare pictures of Delias totila pupae.



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