Delias felis Lachlan 2000 black.png

Subspecies and range of Delias felis

No subspecies

. felis - Ok Tedi, Tabubil, Western Province, PNG

Delias felis 


Notes on Delias felis :

A very recently described species. Very similar to D. hemianops, but recognisable by the yellow sub basal spots on the underside hind wing, absent in D. hemianops. Could well be a subspecies of Delias hemianops. 

Original description : Lachlan : Australian Entomologist, 2000, 27 (3) p71: "Male. Forewing upperside with basal half white with faint blue tinge to just short of distal end of discal cell (black underside giving faint blue colour); black costal border entering anterior half of discal cell; one vague subapical spot; distal half of fore wing black with tornus curving basally. Hind wing upperside white; narrow black border from apex to tornus suffused with white. Fore wing underside nearly all black with three yellow-orange subapical spots; one specimen with one or two very small, thin yellow-orange terminal spots; a small amount of white diffused with black below vein CuA² at subtornal area; mostly white below vein 1A+2A. Hind wing underside with basal half black with distinct subbasal yellow orange spot near costa; distal half white overlaid with yellow-orange scales to varying degrees becoming white at outer edge at black border; veins white; black border thin at apex, widest at tornus (2-3mm); separation between black and yellow-orange irregular and variable from middle of costal margin to tornus passing slightly through distal edge of cell. Length of fore wing: 26-29mm.

Female. Fore wing upperside as in male but with reduced white area; between one third and two thirds of anterior portion of discal cell black; one or two pale yellow subapical spots much less distinct than those on the underside. Hind wing upperside as in male with slightly broader black terminal border. Underside of both wings as in male; subbasal yellow-orange spot near costa reduced and faint. Length of fore wing: 27mm."