Delias klossi Rothschild 1915 yellow.png


Delias klossi chrysanthemum male
Pass Valley, West Papua, July 2016
Picture by Hiro Takenouchi

Subspecies and range of Delias klossi : 

. klossi Rothschild 1915 - Snow Mts, Papua

. chrysanthemum Roepke 1955 - Baliem Valley, Papua

. gome van Mastrigt 2000 - Homeyo & Central Mtns, Ilu-Mulia-Ilaga, Papua

. okse van Mastrigt 2000 - Star Mtns, Irian Jaya




Notes on Delias klossi :

A very striking species. First described from specimens caught during the Wollaston Expedition, by Rothschild in 1915, from a single male. Roepke, in 1955, described D. k. chrysanthemum, from around the Baliem Valley, collected by the Third Archbold Expedition. New specimens have since been found from Tembagapura (klossi), the Mulia-Ilaga-Ilu area & Homeyo, which, when pictured by Yagishita (1993), he called D. k. chrysanthemum, but which Mastrigt has named D. k. gome (2000). Also, material was found from the Star Mountains in Irian Jaya, which Mastrigt named D. k. okse (2000). Although not yet found from Papua New Guinea, it is unlikely that D. k. okse would not also be found on the PNG side of the Star Mountains.