Delias dumasi  Rothschild 1925 green.png

Subspecies and range of Delias dumasi :

no subspecies

. dumasi - Buru island, Indonesia

               (synonym keikoae Nakano 1987)

delias dumasi


Notes on Delias dumasi :

A similar species to both Delias rothschildi and Delias apatela. Talbot originally placed this species within the old georgina Group,  linking it with Delias vidua and Delias schuppi.
Not a very common species in collections.


Female: (Original Description) : Rothschild - Ann. Mag. Nat. Hist 1925 - "Above differs from apatela and rothschildi in the almost entirely brown-black fore wings, the basal 1/3 being only faintly freckled with paler scales, a little more thickly below vein 1. On the hind wing the colour is buffish-cream, not greyish white; the inner margin of the black outer two-fifths of the hind wing is deeply indented and crenulated, not straight. Below the fore wing differs in not having the first three of the five apical spots brightly yellow, not white, and in having a white quadrate spot between veins 8 and 9 at the end of the cell; the hind wing differs in the black marks in outer quarter being heavier and wider, and in being clear yellow with no orange or brownish suffusion, nervures white"