Delias vietnamensis Monastyrskii & Devyatkin 2000yellow.png

Subspecies and range of Delias vietnamensis :

. vietnamensis Monastyrskii & Devyatkin 2000 - Gai Lai Prov, Bach Ma mts, Ngoc Linh mts, C. Vietnam yellow.png

. yasusukei Morita 2003 - South Vietnamyellow.png

. pequini Davenport 2015 - Cardamom Mounts, Cambodia black.png

delias vietnamensis


Distribution map of Delias vietnamensis

Delias vietnamensis localities


Notes on Delias vietnamensis :

This recently discovered species has considerably extended the known range of the georgina group. It leads one to speculate that other species/subspecies are still to be found on the Asian mainland. The original description was published in Atalanta, 31 (3/4): 471-492, Col. pls:XVIII-XXIa.


Delias vietnamensis vietnamensis and vietnamensis yasusukei are not so common in collection.

Delias vietnamensis pequini is extremely rare in collection, less than 10 specimens are known to science and a single female only. It is much bigger and darker than the other spp. Delias vietnamensis pequini flies in a National Park in the Cardamom Mountains of Cambodia near the Thai border. Delias vietnamensis pequini should also fly on the other side of the border in Thailand, some research should be made to find it in Thailand. It would be a great addition for the fauna of Thailand. But this area of Cambodia and Thailand is a dangerous area (mines, traficking...).