Delias harpalyce  Donovan 1805 green.png

Delias harpalyce male
Longford (Victoria, Australia), 2002.
 Photo : Neil Hamilton Mansfield

Subspecies and range of Delias harpalyce :

No subspecies

. harpalyce - South-East Australia

            form lewini Thon 1828

            form adina Couchman 1954




Notes on Delias harpalyce :

A well known species, very similar to Delias nigrina in pattern, though much larger. However, it differs markedly in structure, and hence is placed in this group to which it is much closer related. The larvae are well known and pupate gregariously on a silken web. This is one of the very few species known to migrate in large numbers.

This species is called "the Imperial Jezebel" in Australia.