Delias wollastoni  Rothschild 1916 yellow.png

Delias wollastoni wollastoni, mud-puddling
August 2015, Snow Mountains
Picture by Mehd Halaouate



Subspecies and range of Delias wollastoni :

wollastoni Rothschild 1916 - Snow Mtns, Central Mtns, Papua

bryophila Roepke 1955 -  Mt. Trikora (Mt. Wilhelmina), Papua

abmisibilensis van Mastrigt 1990 - Abmisibil, Star Mtns, Papua; Western Prov. PNG




Notes on Delias wollastoni :

Not a common species in collections. The ssp. abmisibilensis is very rare in collection.

The subspecies D.w.bryophila differs from the nominate form only in the amount of the black markings on the upperside. In some publications, it is considered to be a synonym of the nominotypical form. However, it somewhat isolated from either other subspecies.
Subspecies D.w.abmisibilensis differs by having a golden yellow colouring on the underside forewing, and a brighter colouration on the underside hindwing.