Delias acalis  Godart 1819 green.png

Delias acalis inomatai 

Hong-Kong, May 29, 2009

Photo : Daniel Chang

Subspecies and range of Delias acalis :

. acalis Godart 1819 - N. Thailand, Laos, Cambodia

           . homonym thysbe Cramer 1779

           . synonym flavivestis Chou, Zhang, Wang 2001

pyramus Wallace 1867 - Nepal, NE India NW Thailand

kandha Doherty 1886 - S. India

perakana Talbot 1928 - Malay Peninsular, Peninsular Thailand

inomatai Nakano 1993 - Central Southern China, Hong Kong

shinkaii Morita 1998 - Tam Dao, N. Vietnam



Notes on Delias acalis :

This species is easily recognisable by the large red area around the base of the upperside hind wing, which extends to below the cell.

It is commoner in the northern half of its range, and is considered to be very rare in South India and the Malay Peninsular.