Delias henningia  Eschscholtz 1821 green.png


Delias henningia voconia 
Bohol (Philippines)
Picture : Cristy

Subspecies and range of Delias henningia :

. henningia Eschscholtz 1821 - Luzon, Marinduque, Mindoro, Samar, Leyte, Negros and Panay

               . synonym lucerna Butler 1869

               . synonym hemera Fruhstorfer 1910

ochreopicta Butler 1869 - Mindanao

               . synonym saturnia Fruhstorfer 1910

pandemia Wallace 1867 - North Borneo

camotana Fruhstorfer 1910 - Camotes islands

. voconia Fruhstorfer 1910 - Bohol island

romblonensis Nakano & Yagishita 1993 - Romblon Tablas, Sibuyan

palawana Yagishita 1993 - Palawan

. ssp nova ? - Balabac island




Notes on Delias henningia :

This species is distributed over the Philippine archipelago and also with one subspecies in Borneo.

The band on the upper forewing is bluish-grey in the male and white in the female. the hindwing has a large yellow patch. On the underside, the forewing band is white in both the sexes.