Delias blanca   Feld 1862 green.png

Subspecies and range of Delias blanca : 

. blanca Feld 1862 - North Luzon

nausicaa Fruhstorfer 1899 - N. Borneo

         . homonym nansicaa Fruhstorfer 1902

apameia Fruhstorfer 1910 - Mindanao

capcoi Jumalon 1975 - Negros island

. uichancoi Jumalon 1975 - Bohol island




Notes on Delias blanca : 

Not so common in collection. It has been placed in different groups (pasithoe, georgina, belladonna) by various authors but we think it fits the group pasithoe better than any other.

Male: Fore-wing above blackish-brown. Markings white, dusted with bluish-grey. A stripe in cellule 2 and a longer one below the cell divided by the submedian, four short and narrow post cellular stripes. A series of seven submarginal spots, the two apical ones longer than the others and the one in 3 large, somewhat square, and placed more proximal. Hind-wing blackish-brown. Proximal area, except the base, lemon yellow, composed of stripes and spots separated by the black veins, comprising the cell, two long posterior stripes separated by the submedian, an oblong patch in the base of cellule 2, a short streak in 3 and 4, a larger spot in 5, and another in 6. A series of small and rounded grey-white submarginal spots. Underside of fore wing similar to above, the proximal markings whiter. Two short stripes in the cell. Anterior submarginal streak divided into two spots, the three submarginal spots below this are < shaped. Hind wing as on upperside, the submarginal spots larger.