Delias crithoe  Boisduval 1836 green.png

Delias crithoe
(mating pair)

January 2023
Picture by Yi-Kai Tea

Subspecies and range of Delias crithoe :

. crithoe Boisduval 1836 - Mt. Gede, Mt. Mas  W. Java, Bangka island

           . synonym fastona Fruhstorfer 1910

           . synonym f. funesta Fruhstorfer 1910

bromo Fruhstorfer 1893 - Mt. Bromo, Mt. Simeru  E. Java

dymas de Niceville 1894 - Mt. Arjuna, Mt. Liman, Mt. Kawi  E. Java

tobahana Rogenhofer 1893 - Kalo Hill  N. Sumatra

villia Fruhstorfer 1910 - Mt. Dempo  S. Sumatra, Bukittinggi  W. Sumatra

chrysendeta Fruhstorfer 1910 - Sumbawa, Sumba

cherima Toxopeus 1949 - Mt. Ciremay  W. Java

. centralis Toxopeus 1949 - Mt. Slamet  C. Java

. radiata Toxopeus 1949 - Mt. Lawu  C. Java

. perextensa Toxopeus 1950 - Mt. Tang Kuban  W. Java




Notes on Delias crithoe :

A very localised species, many subspecies being restricted to individual mountains or ranges, though where it is found, it is common.

Distinguished on the hindwing verso, by being almost entirely yellow, but with a large red sub-basal band.