Delias bornemanni Ribbe 1900 red.png

Delias bornemanni

Owen Stanley Range, 1500 m
Papua New Guinea
Picture by K. Zyskowski & Y. Bereshpolova

Subspecies of Delias bornemanni :

no subspecies



Distribution of Delias bornemanni

bornemanni    - Owen Stanley Range, Papua New Guinea


Notes on Delias bornemanni

A very rare species in collections, to be distinguished by the reddish-brown markings on the hind wing below, and that the basal strip does not extend into the cell.
Male: Fore wing above with white proximal area not reaching the end of cell, nor extending above vein 3 nor to the tornus. Hind wing with black marginal border about 6mm. wide on vein 6, narrowing posteriorly.

Underside of fore wing as in D. caroli. Subapical white spots a little larger, 3 or 4 in number. Hind wing black with red-brown markings. A short and broad stripe occupying the base of cellule 7, a small rounded discal spot placed in the end of the cell against the cross-veins, a short distally pointed stripe below the cell in 1c, five submarginal spots, those in 2 and 6 placed more proximal than the other three, not rounded and usually pointed on the inner edge. A small white costal spot (sometimes indistinct) above the anterior red one.

Female: Both wings with slightly extended black area. Fore wing with subapical white spots.

Underside as in the male. Fore wing with 4 or 5 subapical spots, sometimes a minute sixth spot.


Group bornemanni species :