Delias kristianiae van Mastrigt 2006 black.png

Subspecies and range of Delias kristianiae :

No subspecies

. kristianiae - Foja Mtns, Irian Jaya

Delias kristianiae


Notes on Delias kristianiae :

Extremely rare in collection as it flies in the isolated Foja Mountains of Papua. 

A very similar species to D. pratti from the Arfak Mtns, but the differences and isolation from D .pratti are sufficient to permit the description of a new species. If, however, an intermediate specimen is found or new populations in, say, the van Rees or Gouttier Mountains, then we may have to reconsider.

Original description : Futao Issue No. 51, 17 April 2006, pp13 : Male - Forewing upperside mainly black. About 1/3 (proximal part) white with grey diffusion, especially close to black part. Hindwing upperside white with black border about 2mm wide along vein M¹, reducing to apex and to tornus, with grey diffusion at inner edge. Fore wing underside black with three yellow subapical spots followed by a small terminal one. Along inner margin (cell 1A+2A) white with some black diffusion. Hind wing underside mainly brown, with a submarginal spot just outside discal cell. Black base with large yellow triangular spot. Regular black border from M¹ to tornus, where connected with black anal area which has some grey green diffusion in cells 1A+2A and 3A.

Female - Unknown


Group bornemanni species :