Delias periboea  Godart 1819 green.png

Delias periboea wallacei
27 July 2019
Picture by CheongWeei Gan

Subspecies and range of Delias periboea :

. periboea Godart 1819 - Java, Madura

wallacei Rothschild 1892 - Bali

livia Fruhstorfer 1896 - Lombok

pagenstecheri Fruhstorfer 1896 - Sumbawa

alorensis Fruhstorfer 1896 - Alor, Adonara, Solor

floresiana Roepke 1954 - Flores

atakei Nakano 1993 - Kangean island




Notes on Delias periboea :

A further modification of the Delias hyparete pattern. White submarginal spots start to appear on the upper forewing. There is a tiny red subcellular spot on the underside hindwing, which is only rarely absent. This spot has also been known to occur in some specimens of Delias mysis. It is thought that this spot is all that remains of a much larger spot such as can be found on D.caeneus.

The larva and pupa have been described. A not uncommon species.