Delias poecilea   Snellen van Vollenhoven 1865 green.png

delias poecilea live shot
Delias poecilea poecilea

Foli, East Halmahera
22 September 2022
Picture by Craig Robson

Subspecies and range of Delias poecilea :

. poecilea Snellen van Vollenhoven 1865 - Halmahera, Bachan, Kasiruta, Mandioli

              synonym [sic] poecila

              form guentheri Kalis 1933

makikoae Yagishita 1993 - Morotai 




One of the largest species of this genus, and one that begins a group of species which leads towards Delias mysis.
The female is quite dark and resembles the females of some of the isse and dorimene groups.
It only occurs in the north Moluccas.